Prickly Pair 7/8 Length Tights - Newton Fit

Prickly Pair 7/8 Length Tights

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Our new Prickly Pair tights use our premium quality polyester/spandex blend for the perfect mix of comfort and style!

We've made our Prickly Pair tights slightly longer than our previous 7/8 length tights, and they've been designed to give you a more compressed & supportive fit!

Whether you're getting ready to hit the gym, going out for a walk along the beach, or having coffee with friends - they'll feel just right!

Newton Fit tights are made with a smooth and comfortable finish, and our sleek design also have a slimming waistband to ensure you get the perfect fit, and will help you #FindYourShine in no time!

You'll be conquering in confidence in your Prickly Pair! x

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