Butterflies & Bliss

Choose Kind
This weekend I have had the pleasure of watching the movie ‘Wonder’. Actually, twice now because I loved it so much. I think it’s safe to say it is one of my new favourite movies and I would absolutely highly...
Ohana Means Family, And Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind, Or Forgotten
Some days are harder than others and life will throw you a curve ball when you least expect it. But it is the hard times in your life that make you realise and appreciate how lucky you actually are to...
The Great Hawaiian Escape
I’m not here to tell you that I can fix anything or tell you what you should do. I don’t think anxiety needs to be “fixed” because there is nothing wrong with it or you - I just think it needs to be nurtured and managed.
Me, Myself & Anxiety.

What does anxiety mean to you? 

I'm sure some people will be impartial to the word, and the feeling. On the other hand, I am sure that is a word that may have haunted some of you for most of your life, without you even realising. After years of not understanding why I have felt the way I have, or reacting the way I have, it all makes sense now as to why - Anxiety.